Folding Armor Stand

A new folding armor stand courtesy of the instructions provided by Gregor and Genoveva on their website. The original design came from Sir Timoch of Nordem and was published in Tournaments Illuminated: A Barbarian Armor Stand.

The instructions provided in those articles were followed with only the following deviations:

  • This version was created using cedar lumber which is more weather resistant than common untreated pine 2x4s.
  • Additional holes were drilled in the base of the stand to allow fixing it to the ground with spare tent stakes.
  • Ropes with sliders were added to each arm to allow the suspension of gauntlets and arms.
  • When in use at an event an extra rope is anchored at the back stake, tied around the waist and then tied to the front stake for extra stability forward to back.

Material List: Note that the links provided are for packs of materials that provide enough hardware to make approximately 3 stands. If you’re just building one stand you can get the hardware cheaper from your local hardware store or build 3 and share with friends.