• McMaster Carr: This is my go-to supplier for a variety of industrial tools and materials. Sheet steel, rivets, helmet padding, etc. all comes from McMaster.

Leather Working

  • The Leather Guy: This is currently my preferred shop for leather. Good selection of elk and deer hides.
  • Zack White Leather Company: Good affordable selection of leathers and where I go for all my vegetable tanned cow hides. Sells pre-cut rawhide strips suitable for shield edging.
  • Weaver Leather Supply: Nice selection of high quality leather working tools and consumables.
  • Moscow Hide and Fur: Great place for online hides and animal pelts.
  • Leather Cord USA: This is the only place I’ve found the round leather lacing I used to build my lamellar.
  • Tandy Leather: No list of leather supplies would be complete without Tandy. Can be more expensive than the other vendors listed above.



  • Fabrics Store .com: Nice selection of 100% linen fabric. Frequently puts items on sale. ILOVELINEN is a code usually good for 10% off regularly priced items.

Casting / Jewlery Making

Patinas and Metal Finishes

Finished Armor and Clothing

  • Knotwolf Armory: Sir Richard is my go to gold standard for early period helmets. Fantastic guy with great workmanship. He may or may not be taking custom orders so look at his in stock choices or check before you plan your look around his helms.
  • Nadler Metal Crafts: Value added reseller of ACL / BotN equipment. Goods are often imported from foreign smiths and then given an extensive quality check which may involve significant rework of the pieces to bring them up to Craig’s high standards. I highly recommend his work as a great balance between quality and cost.
  • Historical Medieval Sewing: Excellent custom made garments from Ukraine. Requires a foreign money transfer for payment but this company does very good work for an inexpensive price. Good communication with the owner who always made sure I knew what was going on with my order and checked in as needed to make sure the details were right.
  • Munitions Grade Arms LLC: My rattan, fiberglass spear shafts, etc. all end up coming from Master Eirik. I try to purchase at events to avoid shipping costs on long items or have him pre-cut the rattan down to sword lengths.
  • Aesir Metalwyrks: Dave makes fantastic sturdy helmets but his custom order queue is very long. I’d be more likely to look for work he has in stock or being resold by someone else than to ask him for another custom made helmet.
  • Windrose Armory: Long time SCA armorer with a nice selection of helmets and varous combat goods.
  • Grey Cat Workshop: Very nice custom made aluminum shields.
  • All Best Stuff: Very inexpensive chain mail and other goods from India. You get what you pay for but sometimes a lower quality inexpensive item is just what I’m looking for.
  • Kult of Athena: Another inexpensive vendor. I’ve ordered a few generic padded garments from here and have no complaints.
  • Bokalo’s Armory: Source of the aluminum shovel greaves many of our fighters use. Shipping always seems to be at the end of the advertised period but good communication from the vendor.

Specific Tools: