Melee 101 Class

It is really easy to find singles training but melee awareness is rarely taught and left to experienced fighters. That mindset is mistaken; with a little coaching newer fighters can learn to become effective teamwork and be effective even if they don’t have commanders telling them what to do. To help I created a class.

SCA Scirmish Melee Tactics 101 This class is intended as an overview to get newer fighters thinking about different aspects of melee fighting. It discusses some of the limitations of the commander led units SCA and instead emphasises a more ad-hoc cohesion that arises when fighters recognize and react appropriately to common situations. A single class isn’t going to turn new fighters into battlefield heroes but it is a necessary first step that will put them on a path to becoming more than sheep.

Sample Exercise Easy Tactics Common Scenarios

If you want to go into depth on a variety of scenarios I suggest following this with regular reading of Barri of Anglesey’s blog: The Tactical Fighter: Heavy Fighting in the SCA.