Skjoldehamn Hood

This is an interpretation of the Skjoldehamn Hood which was found in a peat grave on the Norwegian island of Andoya. The dates for this grave have been updated over time but the current estimate is between 1050-1090 CE.

The hood itself is a no-waste rectangular construction of a long rectangle and two squares. There are several very good articles linked at the bottom that describe the general pattern.

For my project I wanted to add an border of trim not found on the original to provide decoration and a little more weight to the bottom edge. Lady Anubh taught me how to execute a simple card weaving pattern which resulted in the 2 meters of trim I needed. This was certainly a more involved and challenging part of the project than I expected and there were several times when I needed to rely on her skill set to guide me through challenges encountered along the way (e.g. broken strings, dropped cards, …).

The hood itself was made with green wool and I added a linen lining that was not found on the original.

Skjoldehamn Hood Front Skoldehamn Hood Side

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